Touchless registration of deliveries

Lobbipad is a 5-star rated, GDPR-compliant solution that empowers you and your employees to manage deliveries in a professional, personalised, and efficient way, from pre-arrival through check-in and pick-up.

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Smooth delivery

Whether your iPad is online or offline, Lobbipad provides a seamless and consistent check-in experience for every courier that walks through your door.

Lobbipad makes it easy for your organisation to professionally manage deliveries by providing a fast and secure way for couriers to check in, even if the receptionist is out of the office or away from the desk.

Couriers simply walk up to a self-service iPad (securely mounted on a stand) and display a barcode. Lobbipad automatically takes care of the rest.

Instant host notification

As soon as the courier has completed the Lobbipad check-in process, the designated host is instantly notified via text message (SMS), email or on MS Teams/Slack that a package has been dropped off at reception.

Instant Host Notification makes it easy to stay focused and productive throughout the working day, regardless of where your work may take you. Now, there’s no need to sit and wait by the phone for the receptionist to alert you that your package has arrived.

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Detailed delivery logs

Lobbipad takes care of the details so you can focus on what matters most.

All delivery information is securely stored and archived so you can access it if and when you need it. Lobbipad’s smart, searchable interface makes it easy to analyse and view delivery trends and associated data.

Lobbipad’s delivery logs provide decision-makers with a comprehensive view of their organisation that provides useful information for strategic planning, security, staffing, and more.


Lobbipad makes it easy for employees to pre-register their deliveries.

Using a customised link directed to a secure site personalised just for your organisation, employees can enter their package information and arrival date/time so the reception can be prepared in advance. Whenever a courier starts entering information, Lobbipad will recognise the package and auto fill the missing information.

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Lobbipad allows employee to pick up a delivery by scanning a barcode. This process of ‘touchless’ check-out helps employees to avoid touching the iPad screen (COVID-19).

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