visitor management for SMBs

Detailed visitor logs of SMBs on a computer

Running a small or medium-sized business takes a lot of dedication, planning, and hard work. To reduce costs and improve efficiency across the organisation, resources must be managed carefully to ensure continued and future growth. These offices are busy places and employees often wear multiple hats and fill many roles to ensure the day-to-day success and profitability of the business.

Lobbipad takes the guesswork out of visitor management by equipping SMBs with the tools they need to increase productivity, manage risk, and automate workflows. Lobbipad’s scalable, turnkey solution easily integrates into any organisation’s existing environment. Lobbipad-enabled businesses immediately discover (and profit from) the benefits of improved communication and reduced response times across a range of KPIs and internal benchmarks. And, the benefits of registering visitors, issuing badges, and generating log reports extend far beyond fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements.

Organisations that use Lobbipad in conjunction with clearly articulated, robust visitor policies and proactive, professional office staff experience immediate and lasting improvements in customer satisfaction and retention, reductions in employee turnover, and fewer incidents of vandalism, petty theft, and fraud.