Visitor management for small medical practices/clinics

Detailed visitor logs of co-working spaces on a computer

Managing scheduled appointments, navigating cancellations, and knowing when to interrupt everything in order to provide triage care for medical emergencies is all part of the daily workload for medical personnel and their assistants at the front lines of most clinic offices.

From general practitioners and paediatricians to dentists and specialists, people management means time management. And, as any practice manager knows, the market is full of proprietary, costly practice management software packages that promise to do everything from send text messages and emails to confirm appointments and manage patient records at the same time. Unfortunately, many of these packages are long on promises and short on delivery. To make matters worse, many practice management software programs also come with lengthy, complex contracts that make it difficult for clinic staff to adopt different tools.

Lobbipad makes it easy and affordable for medical clinics of all sizes to simplify their check-in processes by providing the right mix of high tech and high touch. We don’t offer a comprehensive practice management solution, but we do offer a delightfully simple and affordable way for patients (and occasional visitors, such as pharmaceutical representatives) to check in using an iPad and receive any electronic disclosures that require their review and consent. After every visitor or patient has completed the check-in process, Lobbipad automatically sends a text or email alert to the appropriate individual or team so they know when someone is waiting.

Small practices and multiple practitioner offices alike have discovered that Lobbipad helps receptionists and administrative assistants reduce patient stress and anxiety by streamlining the check-in process. What’s more is that Lobbipad also helps medical practitioners manage their time more efficiently, thereby reducing stress and improving patient care. No contracts, no gimmicks.

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