visitor management for museums

Detailed visitor logs of museums on a computer

Museums vary tremendously in their scope, location, and collection size. However, every museum is an institution that is responsible for conserving artefacts and other objects of historical, scientific, artistic, and/or cultural importance … and educating visitors in the process.

Whether for-profit or non-profit, private or public, museums play an important role as society’s stewards and storytellers, and their visitors may be just as likely to hail from around the corner as around the world. Managing visitors and ensuring that they have a rewarding, memorable experience is critical to a museum’s long-term success.

From individuals and small tour groups to entire grade-school classes of students, all visitors must be counted and accounted for. Many museums measure their success based on attendance figures, so accurate visitor logs are a must for these institutions. Unfortunately, many visitors find themselves waiting in endless lines to gain admission and begin their explorations.

Lobbipad simplifies the visitor registration process by providing museums with an easy-to-use, affordable interface that expedites admissions and exponentially reduces wait times. Visitors receive a branded personalised badge granting them access to all approved areas immediately after registration. These badges are also incredibly helpful for museum staff and security because unauthorised visitors can be identified quickly and easily should they venture into restricted areas. And, Lobbipad’s robust visitor logs make it easy to generate reports for measuring attendance and tracking repeat visitors.