visitor management for multi-tenant offices

Detailed visitor logs of multi-tenant offices on a computer

High rise office buildings form the signature landscape that comes to mind when most people envision the great cities of the 21st century economy. From San Francisco to Sydney, these iconic buildings scrape the skies while those working inside aspire to great heights. In smaller cities and towns around the world, one may find smaller buildings that make equally large contributions to local, regional, national, and international economies.

Look inside any of these multi-tenant offices and you’ll discover a host of different businesses that may not have much more in common than their address and a shared lobby. Although a shared lobby provides generous cost savings for many of its tenants, it can also create a diverse set of challenges when it comes to visitor management and security.

Different organisations have different needs when it comes to registering, verifying, and escorting visitors. Without an overarching visitor management policy and robust visitor management and registration system, hundreds or even thousands of unknown visitors may pass through a shared lobby — and other common areas — every day, thereby increasing every tenant’s vulnerability to workplace violence, theft, and even corporate espionage.

Lobbipad makes it easy for multi-tenant offices to centralise their visitor registration process in one location and ensure that risks are reduced for all tenants. Each tenant or host is able to manage its visitors and provide host badge verification in the main lobby to ensure that all visitors have been appropriately acknowledged and credentialed before being escorted to the tenant’s office.

Lobbipad’s robust visitor reporting system produces accurate, real-time logs that can be accessed and managed by each tenant. And, Lobbipad’s Instant Host Notification services send immediate SMS and email notifications to alert hosts that visitors have arrived.

Whether you’re away from your desk in a meeting or whether you’ve stepped out of the office momentarily, visitors will have the peace of mind they deserve knowing that you’ve been alerted about their arrival … and you’ll have the confidence and advance notice you need to greet them in a timely and professional manner.