visitor management for co-working spaces

Detailed visitor logs of co-working spaces on a computer

Co-working spaces are truly a 21st century solution that solve many of the logistical and social challenges faced by remote workers and startups. In nearly every city around the world, these cooperatively-oriented facilities make it possible for individuals and small groups to work independently or collaboratively in affordable (and usually well-appointed) surroundings that provide the equivalent of an office away from the office.

Co-working spaces are often high-energy environments, and they frequently host anywhere from a handful of tenants to a few hundred, depending on location size. As a result, visitors can be plentiful … and this can produce some logistical headaches and security-related vulnerabilities that often lead to feelings of frustration and decreased productivity.

While every co-working space has a unique culture that usually includes shared agreements that govern workers’ rights and responsibilities to themselves and others in the space, most co-working veterans agree that the best locations (and the ones they prefer to use) manage visitors efficiently and professionally by means of a visitor registration system that provides real-time host notifications via email and SMS, generates secure visitor logs for regulatory and compliance purposes, and confirms that visitors have received and acknowledged the site’s visitor policies.

Lobbipad takes the stress out of visitor management for co-working spaces by providing unlimited hosts, unlimited visitors, and unlimited connected devices … making it easy and economical for every co-working tenant to receive visitors and to provide a secure, consistent procedure that treats all visitors equally. And, visitor badges are produced mere seconds after registration, ensuring that visitors can be easily identified as authorised individuals within the shared space.

Secure co-working spaces guarantee peace of mind and the ability to stay focused for everyone, regardless of when or where they work … and peace of mind is precisely why many workers prefer co-working spaces.