Visitor management at kinepolis

Recognised as pioneers in the global entertainment industry, Kinepolis holds the distinction of developing and launching the first megaplex cinema in the world. Based in Ghent, the Belgium-based organisation provides more than 90 best-in-class cinema facilities in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, and in their home country that feature some of the most well-known and anticipated international hits and local treasures.

At their home office, Kinepolis staff regularly greet visitors from around the world. In order to extend the warm welcome that guests receive in every cinema and improve employee productivity at the same time, company managers chose Lobbipad as their preferred visitor management solution.


Full-time receptionist




Visitors / day

With Lobbipad, visitors are able to check in with the receptionist and register in a few minutes using a dedicated iPad and take a quick photo. As soon as a visitor completes the registration process, the host or team anticipating the visitor’s arrival receive an instant text or email notification.

After more than two years of seamless visitor registration with Lobbipad, Kinepolis staff report increases in productivity, as well as positive feedback regarding the visitor registration process from their guests. Lobbipad’s pre-registration feature also makes it easy forKinepolis’ staff to plan ahead, offering the ability to add, modify, or delete anticipated visitor appointments in real time directly from their workspaces.

Lobbipad makes it easy for Kinepolis to deliver world-class visitor experiences every day. What can Lobbipad do for your international business? Contact us to learn more.

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