Visitor management at Jules Destrooper

Based in Belgium, Jules Destrooper has produced delicious, world-famous cookies, biscuits, and butter waffles since 1886. And, as the brand’s popularity continues to grow well into the 21st century, company leaders want to ensure that all visitors are greeted professionally and welcomed with the same feeling of hospitality that has come to be synonymous with Jules Destrooper.

From Tuesday through Saturday, visitors are invited to take a tour through the “delicious past of Jules Destrooper” and discover more about the company’s fascinating history and famous recipes, observe the modern production process (excluding Saturdays), and sample their favourite Jules Destrooper waffles, cookies, and biscuits.

Jules Destrooper welcomes thousands of visitors—from school groups and individuals to groups participating in specially-themed events like the Zoete-Koeke-Route (Sweet Biscuit Trail) to the Happen en Trappen (A Tasty Ride), a combination of cycling and culinary treats—every year.


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Visitors / day

Lobbipad, Europe’s #1 visitor management solution, makes it easy for Jules Destrooper to ensure visitors’ privacy with GDPR-compliant registration. And, Lobbipad helps staff ensure that all safety and visitor identification requirements have been met before visitors enter the company’s production facilities. Lobbipad’s easy-to-read interface provides staff with real-time information about the location of all visitors—in every plant and at different entrances, too. Best of all, Lobbipad also helps the Destrooper team maintain its commitment to environmental stewardship by significantly reducing the amount of paper needed for visitor management processes and visitor log archives.

Lobbipad makes it easy for Jules Destrooper to deliver world-class visitor experiences while also maintaining its commitments to world-class production processes. What can Lobbipad do for your factory or production facility? Contact us to learn more.

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