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Running a successful nonprofit organisation takes a lot of work, especially if you’re in the business of helping others succeed. That’s exactly what Compaan, a true social entrepreneurship success story, has been doing since its inception.

Based in Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium, Compaan is a leader in the sustainable, efficient, and effective activation and integration of people with under-utilised talents in the market for jobs. Compann collaborates with companies to contribute to the sustainability of the local, regional, and national economy and the innovative character of labor market policy.

With multiple locations across Belgium, Compaan focuses most of its day-to-day efforts on job coaching, training, and workplace learning development. Its mission is to support jobseekers who have a little more difficulty in the labor market, including young people, the elderly, low or semi-skilled workers, people with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and people with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Two of Compaan’s most innovative projects focus on youth. Here, Compaan aims to reduce the transition from school to work through its Bridge Project for individuals enrolled in part-time education who wish to work but need additional soft skills and technical training before they can successfully obtain and retain employment. Compaan’s WE! project makes it easier for young people without qualifications to take individual courses, participate in collective workplace learning, and complete professional skills training to prepare them for employment in sales, facilities maintenance, cooking, and technical maintenance.

Compaan also provides coaching and mentoring for job seekers in their own environments who may face difficult conditions, complex family circumstances, or other constraints. These “flying” Compaan coaches deliver one-on-one training tailored to each individual and his or her needs to provide personalised pathways to individual self-reliance and independence. The goal is to find a job that fits and to target talents, interests, abilities, and needs into appropriate skills and attitudes that convey successfully into the workplace.

Job seekers with limited knowledge of Dutch, including refugees, are also beneficiaries of Compaan’s programs. In 2016 alone, Compaan placed more than 120 employees — including 41% of whom were of foreign origin representing 12 countries in the EU, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Compaan’s consultants specialise in assisting employees who need extra support or need additional assistance with a workplace limitation. These consultants help to make a perfect match by filling vacancies at companies in various sectors across East Flanders by collaborating closely with employers and providing the support they need to ensure successful relationships with new employees. And, they’re incredibly busy!


Full-time receptionist




Visitors / day

As a growing nonprofit tasked with serving a diverse range of individuals and organisations, Compaan quickly found itself struggling to manage its visitors effectively. When visitors arrived, they were promptly greeted and warmly welcomed by the receptionist. The receptionist would then contact the appropriate host by phone and email to notify them that their appointment had arrived. Unfortunately, hosts were often unreachable or couldn’t be found at their desks because they were busy with other tasks. Visitors would find themselves waiting in the cafeteria while the receptionist went off to find the host, and this took a lot of time and energy.

To make things easier and more efficient for visitors and hosts (as well as the receptionist), Compaan chose Lobbipad as its visitor management solution. Immediately, visitors saw an instant improvement in host notification and response times, hosts noticed an instant improvement in visitor's perceptions … and the receptionist was able to stay focused on other tasks without feeling stressed or rushed. Thanks to Lobbipad, hosts are notified immediately via SMS and email when visitors arrive, and visitors are greeted promptly.

Lobbipad makes it easy for Compaan to focus on its mission and ensure that its visitors — many of whom are job seekers and employers — feel valued and respected from the moment they first set foot in the office … and every day thereafter.

What can Lobbipad do for your nonprofit organisation? Contact us to learn more.

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