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ipad / app

  • Notify receptionist

  • Multiple languages

  • Delivery check-in

  • Customize check-in fields

  • Making fields optional/required

  • GDPR explanation

  • Customize company logo/colour

  • Customize check-in message

  • Showing suggestions for host by typing 3 characters

  • Multi-tenant mode

  • Create #tags to link multiple iPads for the same location

pre-reg + QR

  • Pre-registration of visitors

  • Check-in with QR code

  • Custom pre-registration fields (for individual + group check-in)

  • Mass import for pre-registration

  • Send an email to the pre-registered visitor

  • Add message to the pre-registration email (parking tips, Wi-Fi login, ...)

  • For a pre-registered visitor, decide whether a badge should be printed or not


  • Assign rights to hosts (admin, regular or receptionist)

  • Import hosts with excel

  • Assign assitants to host


  • Sending package check-in notification (mail/SMS)

  • Sending notifications on Microsoft Teams, Slack

  • Send a copy of check-in emails to admins

  • Only send notifications for certain #tagged iPads


  • Active Directory

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Mailchimp



  • Webhook API

web portal

  • Dashboard with overview of deliveries (expected, checked in, picked up)

  • Picking up deliveries in the web portal

  • Adjustable retention time of data

  • Pick up all deliveries with 1 button

  • Export delivery data to CSV

  • Search filters for delivery data

  • Whitelisted IP addresses for hashed pages

  • Set timezone

  • See details of linked iPads (battery status, connected on network, ...)

  • Add notes to deliveries